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Customer Services Team & Charter

Hello Goodnight Macaroon fans! 

We're writing this post to share some of the love that we received from our customers at Goodnight Macaroon. We deal with thousands of orders and customers every month and our Customer Services Team at Goodnight Macaroon try their best to serve each and every one of our customers. We were lucky to have a very special individual join our business, who loves serving customers and implemented our Customer Services Charter ('our Charter') in April 2016. Since we implemented our Charter, we've received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and we'd like to share some of them here.

We also hope this post will celebrate the excellent work our Customer Services team has been doing, especially since implementing our Charter. Our Customer Services team deals with numerous emails from our customers and they try their best to ensure each customer is understood, helped and properly looked after. That's the Goodnight Macaroon way! As you can imagine, customer services is not the most glamorous or spirit-yielding job but each and every one of our customer services team members are asked to be positive, personable and helpful towards our customers. However, sometimes they still get upset because they care about their jobs and they want our customers to be happy. So, for our Customer Services Team at Goodnight Macaroon (and our wonderful customers), we'd like to honor each and every one of you by sharing positive feedback we've received from our customers.

Positive Customer Feedback

Here's (small) selection of positive feedback received from happy Goodnight Macaroon shoppers!

"Thank you so much! Great customer service! I definitely plan to continue ordering from Goodnight Macaroon in the future! Thank you again for all your help!" - Danielle K.

"That's great, thanks very much. Your FANTASTIC customer service is much appreciated!" - Kate A. 

"Thank you for the Goodnight Macaroon discount code. That was so kind! I've already used it!" - Carly S.

"Goodnight Macaroon, thank you so much for the great customer service! Best wishes from Switzerland." - Maria S.

"Thank you so much for accommodating my request! Goodnight Macaroon rocks :)" - Linda P.

"Thank you so much for your response. I do see that my package has been processed in New York City. Thank you also for the Goodnight Macaroon store credit towards a future purchase. I hope that you enjoyed the recent holidays. Thank you again for your kind response." - Jessica M.

"Thanks so much for the prompt response and for being so helpful. That would be wonderful to receive the refund and the gift card is very much appreciated! You've definitely helped turn around the situation. I'm happy that Goodnight Macaroon now offers a U.S. returns address, as well." - Sarah T.

"Oh wow! Thank you very much! That was very kind and much appreciated. You have provided me with great customer service despite the product not fitting. I'll definitely order from Goodnight Macaroon again". - Rebecca F.

"Thank you very much for expediting the shipment. The reason I needed it earlier than Saturday is because we are leaving town for an event on Thursday. Thanks again and I look forward to receiving the dress from Goodnight Macaroon!" - Krista S.

"Awesome! Thank you so much for the great customer service! Looking forward to ordering more cute things from Goodnight Macaroon in the future!" - Jennifer D.

"Aww this just made my day! I've never had anyone ever message me about my business that I've given them :) Thanks for your kind message!" - Ashley B.

"You guys have the best customer service. Thank you!" - Hannah M.

"Dear Goodnight Macaroon, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful customer service! I received the romper and it's beautiful!" - Kellie S.

"My Goodnight Macaroon blouse arrived today and it's perfect! Thank you for all of your correspondence and customer service! It is appreciated very much!" - Dani R.

"Thank you! I was worried about Goodnight Macaroon but I won't be in the future. I love your store!" - Cayla J.

"I must say I am beyond thrilled with your fabulous customer service I will surely be a returning customer! Thank you!" - Tia M.

"Yes! I received my parcel and I loved my items! I wore them to my recent trip to NYC and they were a hit. Thank you so much for resolving the issue and making it right. I will definitely shop again at Goodnight Macaroon and was very pleased with your customer service despite the unfortunate situation that arose. Thanks again. Appreciate it." - Liane V.

"Thank youuu very wery mwaaah!!! Wooow... You are sooo kind. When you come to Indonesia, please let me know. I owe you lunch or dinner, ok? Terima kasih banyak... Thank you very much... I love Goodnight Macaroon!" - Stevany S.

"I wanted to let you know that I received my shipment today and I am in LOVE with the pieces. They are adorable. Worth the wait!! Thank you so so much for your service. Have a great day!" - Niki T.

As you can see, we received numerous positive feedbacks from customers located all over the world. This is only a small selection and it's enough to keep our customer services team and the rest of Goodnight Macaroon to continue serving our customers and ensure they receive the best online shopping experience possible.

Contact Us

We understand that there might be negative feedback from customers and we our best to deal with each case individually and swiftly. We greatly value constructive feedback from our customers, as such comments help our business to improve. If you have any queries, issues with an order or would like to comment, then please don't hesitate to contact our wonderful customer services team at Goodnight Macaroon at the following email address:

If you're on the fence, deciding whether to order from us or not, then we hope this helps you to make up your mind. In general, you can look at product photos taken by our in-house photographer, freely access our Shipping Policy and Return Policy on our website, view customer testimonials here and know that our Customer Services Charter and Team are here to serve you!

Happy shopping at Goodnight Macaroon everyone!