The 10 Outerwear To Invest In Now

If you’re going to buy a new coat or jacket, why not get the ones that can elevate your wardrobe and be worn for decades to come. Buying a good quality outerwear is a serious investment, you will wear your coats for longer periods, so it needs to be practical and comfortable, and equally importantly, it needs to be a classic staple that will withstand the test of time. We have picked out 10 styles of classic jackets and coats that fulfill all three requirements. There are plenty of variations in each category, simply click the link below the item to shop!

1. Trench Coat

2. Blazer

3. Field Jacket

4. Puffer

5. Moto Jacket

6. Teddy Bear Coat

7. Denim Jacket

8. Peacoat

9. Shearling

10. Wrap Coat

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